Edmond Yap, the Chief Education Guy

Edmond is our founder, Chief Education Guy, construction worker, barista, and "Coffee, anyone?" is his favourite line... He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Adelaide. For 5 years, he pursued a career in engineering before leaving it to pursue his passion in educating people through corporate training, and eventually starting up EduNation to provide free education for all Malaysian children regardless of their economic background or where they come from. Driven by what the legendary Steve Jobs once said, "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do," Edmond clings on to the hope that small actions by many people will add up to big differences to many kids. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Edmond enjoys what he does because we know we can be billionaires just by collecting RM1 each time he smiles... Or could it just be the caffeine?!

Daniel, the Head of IT

Daniel studied Digital Media at the Multimedia University. Since the inception of EduNation, Daniel has brought his knowhow from his experience in running his own business, Hexa Design, which is focused on web designing, web development, web performance analysis, online marketing, and anything web-related to craft EduNation's platforms and boost its ability in making education free for all Malaysian children.

Halen, the Head of Education

Halen has been putting her Biology and Chemistry degree to be a professional educator in Chemistry, Biology, and General Science for the past 11 years, and still going strong! Initially volunteering with EduNation to create learning videos, Halen has come on full-fledge as our Head of Education. She works with a team of educators who create the learning videos on EduNation, runs EduNation's pilot programs, and researches on using technology to revolutionise education in Malaysia. She is determined to bring about sustainable change in our nation and believes that education is the key to break the cycle of poverty and the myriad of social problems in our land.

Jas, the Head of Translations

Jas is an Engineering Technology graduate from University Kuala Lumpur, who is interested in psychology, has mad love for animals, and converses in three languages. She leads a team of translators who work to ensure a complete bilingual educational resource is available for students at EduNation. She also runs pilot programs and researches on the use of technology in Malaysian classrooms to make EduNation more efficient in bringing free education to all Malaysian children. She dreams of having a high-level telepath like Professor Xavier who can read, control, and influence human minds, and also to have a body as hot as Hugh Jackman although we're not sure how that would all play out on a woman's body. When not translating videos or working on EduNation initiatives, you'll find her in her neighbourhood as the crazy cat lady searching for her missing cat, Ginger aka Halia.

Jennifer, the LoudSpeaker

At EduNation, we take our job titles literally... Jennifer is the person behind the blog posts, emails, articles, adverts, and the thinker behind some of the random non-learning videos you see on our website. She graduated with a Finance and Management degree from Upper Iowa University and left the corporate world in hopes of helping people in need through education. She believes education has the power to transform lives if the person makes a crucial life-changing decision - to educate themselves and to educate others because Joseph Joubert once said, "To teach is to learn twice." When she's not typing profusely on the computer, she's dreaming about the wonders of having a Doraemon pocket and having a pet monkey. Also, a mean cuppa coffee is her biggest weakness. Coffee anyone?

Hazman, the Resident Artist and Videographer

Hazman attended the school of Fine Arts. He combines his love for the arts, movies, music, and coffee to gather inspiration to create cool stuff for EduNation. Most of the props you see in our EduNation videos are hand crafted by none other than this awesome Resident Artist! He lives by the saying "1% of something is always better than a 100% of nothing." When not sketching, planning storyboards, or doing artsy-fartsy stuff, you'll find Hazman rehearsing lines from random movies. That's how serious he is about his life quote.

Lay Sheng, the Intern

Lay Sheng is our passionate intern. Returning from his A-Levels studies, he wrote us an email filled with so much passion and we were sold! He believes education is often the answer to the biggest problems plaguing our country: inequality and poverty, and hopes to make a difference by helping Malaysian kids be more competent in our increasingly hyper-Darwinian world. When not making art, he thinks of being Captain America (or Captain Malaysia?), equally strong, only without those bulging muscles.

Jason, the Intern

Jason is our intern who helps us with editing some of the learning videos you find on EduNation. Reddit is like his morning coffee - he spends at least 30 minutes every morning just reading random stuff on the Internet before he starts his day. When not editing videos, you may find Jason saving the world and restoring people's sanity through music.

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