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Tan Kar Seng
Teacher (Physics)

Mr Tan Kar Seng attended University Malaya and received his B. Sc. Ed. (Hons) in Physics and Mathematics in 1979. He is a Physics whiz refining his skills through his 33 years of teaching in public schools around Malaysia. In 1995 to 2012, he was awarded the 'Guru Cemerlang Fizik' title; and in 2013, he was conferred the 'Tokoh Guru Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur' title for his dedication.

Halen Cheeng
Teacher (Chemistry)

Halen Cheeng graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology. She is an educator of 11 years (and still counting!) teaching Chemistry, Biology, and General Science. She strongly believes that quality education is the answer to a better nation.

Cikgu Mahani
Teacher (Ekonomi Asas)

Cikgu Mahani has a Master of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Social Science degree majoring in Economics from Universiti Sains Malaysia. She has been teaching Ekonomi Asas for the past 20 years.

Mr Francis
Teacher (English)

Mr Francis has a Master of Arts in TESL and a graduate from the University of Malaya and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Geography from the Universiti Sains Malaysia. He is a very experienced and dedicated teacher with no less than 40 years of experience. In 2009, the Ministry of Education gave him the official title of 'Guru Cemerlang' for his expertise in his field.

Farha Uzaimi
Teacher (English)

Cikgu Farha is a Master in Education (TESL) and a Bachelor in English (TESL) graduate. Besides being a language instructor and a lecturer in colleges and universities, she also designs English preparatory lessons and MUET learning videos for the blind.

Shahriza Shaharuddin
Teacher (Sejarah)

Shahriza Shaharuddin was a reporter with Utusan Malaysia from 1993 to 1995 before becoming an editor at Media Kesihatan from 1995 to 2000. In year 2005, Shahriza graduated with a B. Sc. Ed. in Bahasa Malaysia from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Indris. Upon attaining the degree, she proceeded to teach in many schools before becoming a full time tutor.

West Wong
Teacher (Mathematics & Additional Mathematics)

West is a mental arithmetic expert who has been dubbed as the 'Human Calculator' of Malaysia. He contested in Memoriad 2012 in Antalya, Turkey, achieving third placing in the Flash Anzan category. He is also the first Malaysian to ever compete and win first placing in the Mental Calculation Olympic. He is currently the founder of PowerHouse Academy where he conducts G-Whiz Math workshops which aims to guide adults and children to be creative in doing Mathematics and mental calculation.

Nurul Hafiza Mohd Mufid

EduNation gives students in Malaysia what we were craving for during our time in school: free education, something that is too good to be true 10 years ago. Support us and spread the word around!

Nor Eleyana Abdullah

Edunation, a humanitarian approach towards developing an accessible and affordable education for all. Who wouldn't support that?

Nazrulsyah Firaz Bin Fauzee Andylim

A wise horse once told me that I was going to be a F1 Driver. He didn't lie though! I was indeed... On my Playstation! Just thought I'd put it out there. Now, on a more serious note, I find EduNation as a good opportunity to expand Malaysia's education platform for the better. Integrating technology in learning is the way to go and I am psyched to be a part of this revolution!

Diana Nabilah Binti Ahmad Fahmi

Younger generation with well-equipped education is what I strive for. Nothing is better than making a positive difference in stimulating the next generation to become lifelong learners. Being a part of the EduNation team gives me great fulfillment!

Nor Afikah binti Mohamad Homidi

I support EduNation because they are cool! There are many Malaysian students who are not very affluent and cannot afford to attend tuition in order to help them succeed academically. Through EduNation, these children are given the opportunity to freely access tutor videos to learn the subjects better at their own pace, anywhere, everywhere! What better way is there to learn?!


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  • Tey Wei Keat
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  • Ahmad Faiz bin Mohd
  • Nazirah Khaiessa Binti Ahmad
  • Zuza Iznur
  • Nurul Hazimah
  • Noly Kurnain
  • Mohd Adis Suffian
  • Diana Nabilah Binti Ahmad Fahmi
  • Nor Afikah binti Mohamad Homidi
  • Azrin Husaini Bin Hashim
  • Nor Eleyana binti Abdullah
  • Nik Muhammad Hanif Fathi
  • Naslony Abu Samah
  • Wan Nurul Najwa Wan Wira
  • Kuldip Singh
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  • Wan Ahmad Nuwairi Bin Adil

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